A solution is only usefull when you have 

efficient processes and a prepared team

Process Consulting


Definition of the company's processes and analysis of the current situation with the team and the management. Identification of improvement actions and necessary investments, determining the expected benefit and the impact on business and people.

Prioritization of actions according to cost-benefit, and establishment of an action plan by stages. Execution, coordination and monitoring of each phase.

Training and accompaniment of the team

Any improvement project involves changes, and not everyone has the ability to adapt to the desired speed.Group training is required summarizing the processes and how they are related, as well as personalized training to each collaborator on their revised processes.


It will also be necessary to track in order to adjust the processes, be it due to errors due to changes in the business that oblige to introduce additional modifications.


Knowledge forum

Hiring and configuring a web forum to publish the processes in the form of articles, so that the whole company can know them and consult when appropriate. Each article can be commented and evaluated by the team.

Project management


An independent project leader who can best guarantee time, costs and establish efficient channels of communication between client and provider. If you are also the process consultant who knows the people, processes and other existing systems, it will be the ideal profile to find the best solution, and ensure that it is configured and adapted accordingly.


It is highly recommended that the project leader participate in the requirements phase and request for offers, in order to avoid selecting a bad solution that will then condition future solutions. It will be the interlocutor with the provider throughout the project, managing the implementation and implementation, and controlling that the incidents will be resolved before making the final payment.

Technological advice


We implement a wide range of commercial products that can significantly help you work more efficiently and also reduce costs.


  • Migration to Google for companies (gmail, calendar, ...).

  • Document management via Dropbox, DRIVE or MEGA.

  • Digitalization of documents to streamline later searches

  • Mobile and PC web design

  • Electronic document signature