GROOW is a consultancy that helps companies improve or enhance the efficiency of their processes and productivity, through their own or third-party solutions, and personalized advice services.

It was born in 2013, as a result of a project to improve efficiency in a property administration office and another fiscal audit, where the margin of improvement of the use of technological tools and the need for Change the current culture and image to a flexible, efficient and adapted work environment for change

What do we differentiate?

Expert and multi-disciplinary team: the GROOW team has extensive experience in the field of process consulting, project management and solution design.

Customer and market orientation: The solutions and services of GROOW adapt to the needs of each client.

Reliability: all that we offer has already been implemented in a real customer environment.

Cloud or installed architecture: our solutions reside on the GROOW servers, although it is also possible to install the majority on the client's servers.

Subscription payment option: cloud solutions do not imply any investment in licenses or servers for the client. You just have to pay a regular subscription that is renewed periodically without any commitment.