We help you to make the best decisions

We automate tasks with little added value

Automatic Demand Manager

Save a lot of hours not having to read the emails of the real estate portals and register them in your commercial management system. The Automatic Demand Manager does it for you, every 5min and 24 hours a day, following configurable business rules. Therefore, you can already dedicate 100% of your time to call the plaintiffs.

Alerts and warnings manager


In the event that there is incorrect data or not entered in the system, the person responsible will receive an automatic alert by Email, thus avoiding affecting the client in the form of errors in his settlements or receipts. This alert will be received until it solves the problem.


The Alert Manager operates independently 24 hours a day, and can serve any of its collaborators (commercial, PV or PH administrators) or contacts (plaintiffs, tenants, owners, and industrialists).


The main objective of the reports is to help you make the best possible decisions. This implies having reliable, standardized information, at the right time, and in the right format.


  • Weekly reports to the owners about the state of their marketing

  • Internal reports for commercial analysis of products.

  • Commercial objectives table.

  • Analytical reports by Administration (delinquencies, settlements, customers, estates and departments).

Commercial Raports webmaster


Web application to be able to do the commercial report from a mobile phone, and only with 3 clicks: visit selection, type of report, detail of the report


Other optional features:


  • Product price changes

  • Schedule new visits

  • Check product data

  • Check claimant information

  • Check performance of commercial objectives