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Experts in solutions to improve CUSTOMER PRODUCTIVITY and EXPERIENCE

Subsidize your digital services with GROOW Consulting and the Digital Kit


"The architect of the future will be based on the imitation of nature,

because it is the most rational, durable and economical of all methods. "

Antoni Gaudí

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At GROOW Consulting we do not bet on complex solutions and proposals. 

We prefer to start from the essential and adapt it with the client.



A solution is not really used if you do not have
efficient processes and  of a prepared team

Advice for improving productivity and digital transformation

Definition of company processes and analysis of the current situation with the team and management. Identification of improvement actions and necessary investments, determining the expected benefit and the impact on the business and people.

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Basic or advanced web design

We design from basic presentation websites even real estate websites or with a product store. We include SEO optimization and pages compatible with any type of device. We also have a studio to photograph the items in the web store.

Audit of Customer & User eXperience

Our customers demand experiences, not just products or services. If these experiences are great they will engage with our brand and come back. In addition, they will talk about us and recommend us to others

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IT management & Support

We implement a wide range of IT services that can significantly help to work more efficiently and also reduce costs. Google Suite for business, mmigration of local servers to the cloud, ddesign of web solutions for mobile and PC, scomprehensive IT support



We help make the best decisions

We automate low value added tasks


Real estate claim manager

Save many hours by not having to read emails from real estate portals and register them in your commercial management system. The Automatic Demand Manager does it for you, every 5 minutes and 24 hours a day. 

Customer manager, hours and billing


Customer data management, allocation of hours, generation of invoices and sending by Email to customers and publication in the Customer Area. possibility ofself managementof contents. GROOW hosting, no installation required. 


Alerts and analytical reports


The alerts ensure that the information isreliable and complete. Reports help makebetter decisionspossible. OnDemand or periodic shipments via Email / SMS. Excel, PDF or web format.  Datamart design for data integration. Hosting in GROOW, does not require installation.

Mobile business management


Realization of commercial reports, agenda management, clients and demands. Possibility of content self-management. Hosting in GROOW, does not require installation.


About us

Quienes somos

Our mission is to improve the productivity and analytical information of companies to help them improve their internal operations and the experience of their clients.


It was born in 2013, as a result of an efficiency improvement project in a farm administration office and a tax audit office, where the margin for improvement in the use of technological tools and the need to change the culture and image was demonstrated. current towards a flexible, efficient work environment adapted to change

How are we different?

Expert and multi-disciplinary team: the GROOW team has extensive experience in the field of process consulting, project management and solution design.


Customer and market orientation: GROOW solutions and services are tailored to the needs of each customer.


Reliability: everything we offer has already been implemented in a real customer environment.


Cloud or installed architecture: our solutions reside on GROOW's servers, although it is also possible to install most solutions on the client's servers.  

Subscription payment option: Cloud solutions do not involve any investment in licenses or servers for the customer. You only need to pay for a subscription that is periodically renewed without any commitment.

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